Norbu,  Juwel
Sommerlyst's Fo Norbu   * 1. Oktober 2010 
 CAC Clubshow 2012
 PL 0/0
Co-owner: Elisabeth Schnyder
17. Dezember: Norbu besucht sein neues Zuhause, click
Norbu visits his new home, click

 Ankunft und Woche 9 und  10             Arrival and first two weeks
 Thank you Ragnhild and Harald for this wonderful puppy, your hospitality and your friendship!
 Evviva hat Milch für Ya Las Babies und für Norbu         Evviva nursing Ya Las babies and Norbu
 Norbu & Aghu
at Sommerlyst Kennel with newborn Norbu, his parents etc. click
Link to Sommerlyst Kennel, click!